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Instant MEPCO Bill:

Are you browsing different site for MEPCO online bill? If yes, then welcome to this page because you chose and click right website link. Our website consists on a simple method for checking your online MEPCO bills, you just provide your bill reference number and get duplicate online bill instantly.

Process of Getting Online MEPCO Bill:

Here in 2020 we providing you a simple process of getting your bill, you have put the reference number given on your Bill, just put the reference number in search box and click the proceed button to open the page proving your duplicate bill. You can also print out or download your bill which will displayed on our site page just by few simple clicks.

How to find the reference number on MEPCO Bill:

if are feeling some trouble in finding the reference number on your bill then just follow our instructions. Just hold your bill and find a box at the top left corner of the bill having reference number, so here is your reference number, now just put in the search bar and get your latest bill instantly.

Now its time to print it out for paying on time, so just press CTRL+P if you want to get a duplicate print of MEPCO Bill directly form page, instead of just viewing.

Why there is need of ONLINE MEPCO Bill:

sometimes the bill distributer does not do its job correctly and so customer cannot get their bills on time, and it is a crime, so you feel the need of getting online bill. There is another reason to place your bill online is that sometimes customers are not in their hometown and cannot receive bills and do payments on time, so our website offers you online billing system for you anywhere, anytime.

MEPCO Bill Distribution:

If your hometown is under MEPCO jurisdiction then LECSO is responsible for bill distribution. So, if your home tome is this area and has some issue about bill distribution then you can contact and place your complaint. Some areas are as given below;

Rahim Yar khan
Dera Ghazi Khan





Contact Detail:

In case of any issue or complaint you can visit and contact as well.

Main Office: MEPCO Complex, Khan e Waal Road, MEPCO Colony, Multan, Punjab.

Contact Number: +920619220313

Email address:

(NOTE: you can get the exact location of office on Google Map)

Work Time Detail:

The work duration of the MEPCO worker is 7 hours, from 9 AM to 4 PM (Monday to Friday). If any worker has some issue and wants to go out before 4 PM, it is necessary to inform earlier, so that your request will be accepted.

(Saturday and Sunday are off-days)

MEPCO ONLINE Bill payment:

If printing bill and paying from the retailer is hectic for you then don’t worry our website providing you an easy online payment method, like Jazz cash, Easy paisa or another Visa Card, as well as via your bank (anyone) too!

So, chose any convenient method form mentioned above and save you time.

What is MEPCO:

MEPCO is a Multan Electric Power Company. MEPCO and Multan currently supply electricity to 13 other provinces of Pakistan, making mepco the largest electricity supplier in Pakistan. MEPCO is a NOC-licensed electricity company of NEPRA (National Electric Power Regulatory Authority), a company that manages the country’s electricity demand.

MEPCO started on May 14, 1998, then the government could not control the power shortage nationwide and came up with the idea of   destroying country electricity and selling it to businessmen and other people like MEPCO born!

Some people think that MEPCO is a power supply company, but this is not true because MEPCO is a Wapda company that has covered the electricity needs of more than 13 districts in south Punjab.

It will promptly provide you with this month’s MEPCO electricity bill.

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