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FESCO Online Billing:

Hey! I think you are a FESCO (Faisalabad electricity) user and wandering to get the online bill, if yes, then here I’m going to tell you that your mind correctly dragged you and stick with us on this site page, where we are giving you the things about which your thinking, yes, the online billing.


Process of Getting Online FESCO Bill:
This is 2020 and, in this era, it’s time to do something better, so, we are providing you more advanced methods on this site which will make your life much easier, so we are just providing you easy and simple process and method of online billing. You just have put your 14-digit reference number which is given on the Bill in the search box and click the proceed button to open the page proving your duplicate bill. 
The option of printing or download also adheres to this site so, you can also print out or download your bill which will be displayed on our site page just by few simple clicks.

How to find the reference number on FESCO Bill:
if you are feeling some trouble in finding the reference number on your FESCO bill then just follow the instructions. First of Just hold your bill and find a box at the top left corner of the bill having reference number, so there is a 14-digit reference number, now simply put in the search box and get your latest bill instantly, and easily.

Print Out the Bill:
Now if you want to print it out for paying on time, so just press the control and P button if you want to get a duplicate both in soft and hard copy in  printed form of FESCO Bill directly form our page, instead of just viewing.

Why you are browsing for ONLINE FESCO Bill: 
Usually, the bill distributor are not enough honest and does not do their duties correctly customer cannot get their bills at the right time, so you are feel the need for searching online FESCO bills. Here some other reasons as well that sometimes customers are not in their hometown when the bill distribution is in process and cannot receive bills and do payments on the right time, and pay with a late fee, so our website gets free you from this tension and offers the online billing system for you anywhere, anytime.

Distribution of Bills:

FESCO have its own bill distribution system through which home to home bills are distributed by the workers. this facility is provided by the company to satisfy their customers.

About FESCO:
FESCO (Faisalabad Electric Supply Company) distributes and supplies electricity to approximately 4.01 million customers within its service territory ( Faisalabad) with a population of more than 26 million under a Distribution is License is granted by the of National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) pursuant to the Regulation of Generation, Transmission, and Distribution of Electric Power Act, 1997 (NEPRA Act).

 The geographical service area of FESCO comprises mainly Faisalabad and Sargodha, Bakker, Khushab, Mianwali, T.T Singh, Jhang and Chiniot districts as well.
In current times FESCO is the best power distribution company (in Pakistan) in terms of operational performance, as it has low levels of distribution loss and the high volume of bill collection.