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PTCL Online Bill Checking:

If you are looking for PTCL (Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited) duplicate bill then you are at right website, here customers can easily view or download/printout their PTCL bills in duplicate form without any fee or extra charges. In this way you will free from going to the customer care shops for paying your bills which is hectic and time consuming.

Bill Check by Phone Number:

Here we are providing you another facility, you can also check your PTCL Bills through your registered phone number, yes just a registered phone number can help you to print out or merely view your bill. It is rather easy as well as time saving billing system. So, you just put your number in search box and get the bill.

Bill Check by Account ID:

You can also check, download or printout your bill by your account ID, which exclusive for every bill and it saves your time.So, you just put your ID in search box and get the bill.

SMS Service:

PTCL also providing the SMS system for sending their reference numbers to their customers.

Where Does the Account ID?

You Account ID is given on you Bill at the top right corner just below the issue date, by which you can check you billing detail.

Bill Distribution System:


Usually there are two methods by which customers can get their bills online:

  1. PTCL company distribute the bills every month on the doorstep of their customer in a manageable system, so that their customer gets an ease while using this service.
  2. Sending the bill detail via electronic mail (Email) system. It is rather easy and both cost saving and time saving system for PTCL billing 

Issues in Bill Distribution:

There are some issues which create hurdles during bill distribution, some are given that your postal address is not correct on your information box by mistake of any PTCL employ or by yourself. Another issue is that you just changed your home and connection and not update the address. If you did not provide the Email address or provided the incorrect mail address is also a big issue which disturb the mailing system.

Who Can Use This Service?

Following can use this service;
Some Necessary Instructions:

You should have phone Number and account ID if you want to access Landline/Broadband Details.

If you are an Evo user, then you should have MDN and ESN.

What Is MDN and ESN?

MDN is major device number and ESN is Electronic serial number which are given on your Evo device, which are necessary for your Evo.

Format of Bill:

While downloading PTCL Bill you should have a PDF reader because bill is in PDF form for giving you a better duplicate bill.

Online Billing Through Machines:

PTCL company installed the e-billing machines in exchange offices and other shops for customer ease, through which you can. It is just like ATM machine. You just need to deposit your bill payment by putting few some necessary instructions.

PTCL Running Services:

The company’s current running services include the Telephone, fiber GPON internet, DSL internet, EVO 4G wireless internet and IPTV services.

New Features: The new Fiber GPON provides you high speed internet which is up to 100 Mbps. PTCL also improved the Wireless broadband devices. Now, the minimum PTCL internet package is 6 Mbps.

History of Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL):

Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) is the biggest and top integrated Information Communication Technology (ICT) company in Pakistan. It starts from a simple telephone and telegraph department in 1947, gradually it has evolved to offer advanced digital and telecommunication technologies today. PTCL is the largest fixed-line network of this country, it offers not only products but also services like the high-speed Broadband internet, Smart TV (IPTV) service, over-the-top (OTT) applications like Smart Link App, CharJi wireless internet, Smart TV App and Touch App, world-class digital content like Netflix, flix, and iflix.

 PTCL has been introduced the latest enterprise-grade platforms like Tier-3 Certified Data Centers, Smart Cloud, Satellite Services and Managed Services that are meeting the connectivity needs of these organizations and in this way, it enables the vast businesses to operate more efficiently. PTCL working as communication backbone for the Pakistan with largest fiber cable network that spreads from Khyber to Karachi, also have the submarine cables connecting Pakistan to the whole world. PTCL is proud of its same years’ heritage as the age of Pakistan; the biggest source of connecting the people of Pakistan.

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