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The Allama Iqbal Open University ( aka AIOU) is in Islamabad, Pakistan which was established in 1974 and that time is was the the world’s 2nd largest university and 1stin Asia and Africa. It is a public university. The annual enrollment of this university is almost 1,121,038 students and, in the ranking, it is the world's fourth-largest institution of higher learning. Majority of students are women and have a total course enrollment of about 3,305,948 (2011). This university has almost 44 regional campuses as well centers throughout Pakistan including different big cities like Multan, Dera Ghazi Khan, Bahawalpur, Rahim Yar Khan, etc.
As we know everyone not able to afford higher studies expenses so, it is an attractive and best option for people who cannot afford the expensive education in Pakistan's private institutes and the best option for those who are not able to join regular classes and hostels expenses. There is a free or minimal cost for online learning, which provide an easy and affordable way of learning. The idea of ​​distance learning has gained relevance and acceptance in Pakistan due to the factors of poverty and relative disadvantage for women. The literacy rate, frequency of early school leavers and excesses in higher education is much lower among the poorest classes in Pakistan. The incidence of poverty is much higher in rural areas where formal education is much less established.

Objectives and Emphasis:

It was established in 1974 and is Asia's first and best open university with main and strong emphasis on providing distance education in philosophy, natural science, social sciences and many more.
Allama Iqbal open university offers extensive undergraduate and post-graduate programs.
it is an attractive and best option for people who cannot afford the expensive education in Pakistan's private institutes and the best option for those who are not able to join regular classes and hostelsexpenses.

Administration and governance:

Chancellor (President of Pakistan)
Pro-Chancellor IS (Federal Minister for Education, Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training)
Vice Chancellor (Chief Executive Officer/Head of the institution)
Executive Council (Governing Body)


Allama Iqbal Open University is affiliated with Higher Education Commission (Pakistan) and
Pakistan Engineering Council.

Salient Features:

·         Semester system which is offered twice a year (Spring and Autumn)
·         The biggest university in Pakistan with an average student enrolment of more than 1.2 million per annum.
  • ·         Almost 2000 courses.
  • ·         9 regional campuses
  • ·         33 regional centers
  • ·         41 approved study centers
  • ·         1172 Study Centers are established throughout the country.
  • ·         The largest publishing unit in Pakistan printing about 2 million books per year.
  • ·         More emphasis on science and technology.
  • ·         The largest numbers of Teacher Education institution in Pakistan with enrolment about 400,000 Students
  • ·         Provision of networking facilities to keep in contact with the main campus and the regional institutes
  • ·         Internet service at the main campus.
  • ·         Collaboration with PAEC (Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission) with the main aim of providing the lab facilities to students
  • ·         Most First institution in Pakistan who offers post-graduate level programs in Special Education.
  • ·         Staff development.
  • ·         Establishing a database at the main campus.
  • ·         Networking of regions with the main campus.
  • ·         Purchase of furniture, transport for the students.
  • ·         Establishment of student’s assistance fund to help those students who deserves most.

Faculties and departments:

Faculty of Arabic and Islamic Studies:

Which includes further;
  • ·         Arabic Language and Literature
  • ·         Islamic Thought, History and Culture
  • ·         Hadith and Seerah
  • ·         Qur'an and Tafseer
  • ·         Islamic Law (Fiqh)

Faculty of Education:

The Faculty of Education has the following departments:
  • ·         Distance and Non-Formal Education
  • ·         Adult and Continuing Education
  • ·         Educational Planning and Management
  • ·         Special Education
  • ·         Science Education
  • ·         Teacher Education (Elementary)
  • ·         Teacher Education (Secondary)

Faculty of Sciences:

It comprises the following nine departments:
  • ·         Agricultural Sciences
  • ·         Chemistry
  • ·         Biology
  • ·         Physics
  • ·         Botany
  • ·         Computer Science
  • ·         Information Technology
  • ·         Telecommunications
  • ·         Environmental Sciences
  • ·         Engineering and Technology
  • ·         Home and Health Sciences
  • ·         Mathematics and Statistics

Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities:

The Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities has 13 departments:
  • ·         Business Administration
  • ·         Commerce
  • ·         Management Sciences
  • ·         Economics
  • ·         History
  • ·         Sociology, Social Work and Population Studies
  • ·         English Language and Applied Linguistics
  • ·         Iqbal Studies
  • ·         Library and information sciences
  • ·         Pakistan Studies
  • ·         Mass Communication
  • ·         Pakistani languages·         Gender and Women's Studies

Commemorative postage stamp:

AIOU has its commemorative postage stamp which was issued by Pakistan Post On the university's 25th anniversary.

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