zong sim number check code-Find zong ownership

zong sim number check code-Find zong ownership

check zong sim number code

How do check zong sim number code.Zong number check code in 0 balance mean not balance on your sim.Today i am share 2 method to check zong number.This 2 method id very easy and free of cost way zong number check code.I hope this method is helpfull u for check number.many time your sim lost and many you buy new sim but you not know zong sim number.You not go to franchise you can check very easy number on you owner mobile.

Method No 1.

You first open a dial pad and use this code *100# show on your screen 3 msg. you replay on 1 call me option.then you enter a other number ya friend number and wait on 2 mint.this sim number msg on your friend number.this methoad is very easy you can check zong sim number check code.

Term and condition 

  • This code free of cost.
  • This code offical zong franchisc lunche
  • This code only work on zong sim NOt work on other sim.
  • you can more information Call on Zong Helpline 310

Method No 2.

This method you can check very easy zong number.First of all you open msg pad and go to new msg and write on MNP and send to 667 wait on 2 mint your receved a msg. this msg complet details on your number.means your number id card number on active a zong sim.Your mobile imei number,sim active date.

 Provide this code

  • Your Number 
  • ID card Number
  • IMEI number
  • sim Activtion Date

Term and Condition

  • This code standan fee
  • This code offical zong code.
  • you can more information call on helpline 310

(I hope this aritcle zong sim number check code-Find zong ownership helpfull for u)

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